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  1. I am happy to announce that I am one of 2016 RHCF awardees.

    The Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation gives unrestricted cash awards to individual artists for the continuation of their work. Grantees are selected by a panel of judges consisting of artists and art professionals, many of whom are previous recipients of an RHCF grant.

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      Angling, 2016

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      Uncontainable Compromises, 2016.

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      Wavering, 2016.

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      Uncertain Origins, 2016.

    The 2016 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition features a wide range of artistic practices within the disciplines of photography, architecture, fashion, film and video, design and fine art. Each featured project was completed with funding generously provided by The Albert P. Weisman Award, established in 1974 to encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to complete arts and media projects. 

    Including work by: Hannah Batsel, Mary Clare Butler, Saeedah Cook, Lilli Kayes, Marlo Koch, Woody Leslie, Martin Macias, Carlos Prias, Elina Ruka, and Zena Salam.

  2. Landscape Stories | Issue 25 | Editorial

    Altered Landscape

    Landscape is just a metaphor for a place of mind in the act of recognizing the beautiful and the sublime and in recording signs and the real presence of human beings, understanding even the proof of what is horrible, artifact and catastrophic.

    Searching for new relationships between artificial and natural, a new balance takes shape, in which you can find vernacular elements, a different redefinition of clichés and the illusion of being able to manipulate nature through architecture. A multiplicity of looks and fragmented visions, deceiving, and further undermined by everything that occurs just after the recording act

  3. Photography MFA Thesis Exhibition at Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S Wabash ave, Chicago

    April 28 - June 4, reception May 13 4-8

  4. Relativity, 2015

    Relativity, 2015

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      Relativity, 2015

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      Revolving Sunset, 2015

    "Relativity", chosen by guest curator Ann-Christin Bertrand and "Revolving Sunset", chosen by guest curator Lesley A. Martin, published on Der Greif online exhibitions.

  5. "Misleading Statistics". from the series "Aqueous", 2015

    "Misleading Statistics". from the series "Aqueous", 2015

    "Misleading Statistics" from the series "Aqueous", 2015 is displayed at Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago Dec 2nd 2015 through 2016. 

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      Blueness of Freedom, 2015

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      Revolving Sunset, 2015

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      Organizing Assumptions, 2015

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      Sample no.6, 2015

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      Sample no.5, 2015

    I am happy to be part of a three person show FLUID METHOD.


    Fluid Method
    November 21, 2015 - January 4, 2016

    Water is an essential component in the making of the photographs in this exhibition. Alchemic in presence, it is an active ingredient with transformative properties directly linked to image formation. As image is commonly given preeminence in photography, this pivotal role can easily be overlooked. Fluid Method brings together three artists who use and control water to varying degrees across different photographic processes: gelatin silver, cyanotype, and inkjet printing. Together these works yield an array of liquid aesthetics from subtle to apparent, abstract to representational, and material to concept. 

    Elina Ruka
    John Steck Jr. 
    Nicole White

    Curated by: Julie Weber

    Opening reception: Saturday, November 21 - 6 to 9pm
    With performance by Whit Forrester

    The Observatory Gallery
    3036 N Lincoln Ave, 4th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60657
    Gallery hours by appointment only: theobservatory3036@gmail.com
  6. Domesticities are featured in Chicago Center for Litterature and Photography magazine Weekender June 5th issue.

  7. My work Domesticities has been added to Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography NEW DIRECTIONS collection.

  8. c Elina Ruka, 2014

    c Elina Ruka, 2014

    My work Domesticities was recognized as one of the best series at Filter Photo Festival by the Director of Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography Kyohei Abe.

    "It was absolutely delightful to review such an amazing group of artists—displaying a range of styles, interpretations, contents, and genres of photographic exploration at Filter Photo Festival in Chicago this year. It is always promising to witnesses what is happening in the globe of contemporary photography and to recognize how technology and the processes of image making are changing. It was gratifying to see so many works from emerging to mature artists; the range of processes and styles of image making exemplified the diversity in the field today. The artists whose portfolios are highlighted here inspired me because many are not bonded to photographic traditions of the past, whether exterior or interior space, landscapes, or portraits. These photographers have all successfully conveyed inspiring and unique perspectives on our contemporary world through their own, unique, voices. I want to thank and congratulate, not only those who are selected here, but all participating artists for sharing their works and visions with me."

    Kyohei Abe, Director 
    Detroit Center for Contemporary Photogarphy

  9. My works from the series Domesticities are included in the new Latvian Photography Yearbook 2013. The publication is coming out on September 10.

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      YOKO, 2008

    Happy to be a part of the group exhibition of 29 Latvian contemporary photographers Rādītprieks celebrates the joy of showing one singular photograph.

    It is on view at Kalnciema kvartāla galerija in Riga, Latvia until December 15th. At 3 p.m. on the same day, an auction of the works of will take place. Each of the photographers is participating with just one work. 


  10. My works from the series Domesticities will be shown in Liège, Centre Culturel Chiroux on November 21st, 2012 during the photography-music event series PING-PONG dedicated to Latvian contemporary photography artists.

  11. My works from the series A LA RECHERCHE D'ELAN have been chosen for Copenhagen Photo festival.
    The festival celebrates the photography from June 7 - 17 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  12. My works from Could this become my home? have been included in the photography book Generation of the Place: Image, Memory and Fiction in the Baltics, edited by Vytautas Michelkevičius.

    Vytautas Michelkevičius: “The Latvian Elina Ruka creates a series of portraits of  ”a potential home”, documenting the “places where her home could be” and looking for the feeling of belonging. Her images compel one to take a closer look and think about a place in a foreign city as home, and, indeed, although she documents different places, all of them have something ineffable in common – just as they have a shared coldness, which is typical of documentary photography.”

    Sergei Kruk: “Melancholic representation of social life is frequent in Latvian literature. Two Latvian photographers represent this melancholy visually as the split up place. Elīna Ruka explains that she has managed to approach a big industrial city, Lyon, only from more familiar perspective. Her camera observes the city from a garden – a perspective induced by the viensēta concept. Photos draw a real frontier between the two realms, and the physical separation of a unitary space substantiates the place-bound identity. A wicket gate invites to a triple rite de passage: from a small farmstead to a big industrial city, from family to society, from mono-cultural environment to cultural heterogeneity. To a great surprise, the territory of a new significant Other – the ‘civilized West’ – looks exactly like the urban industrial landscape developed by the Soviets.”